Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Weekend Sewing Project - Book/Page Weights

I am in grad school and have a lot of very large books, with far too many pages from which I need to take notes. I enjoy using my laptop for note taking and found that far too often I was attempting to hold down my pages with my elbows while typing with my hands. This was cumbersome and not very effective. I tried to think of some interesting way to sew a book weight. I settled on the following: I took a few t-shirt scraps and sewed two (2) corners and left one folded to form a pocket that was opened on top. Next, I filled the pocket with coffee beans, then pinned and sewed up the opening. I made a second larger pocket and snuggled the smaller bean pouch inside and sewed it up. Intially I hand-sewed on an old goggle strap to make an extendable two-ended book weight, but found it to be unwieldy. So.. I removed the strap and stitched up the edges again. I took two (2) binder clips and sewed those on to each side. This design allows me to clip the weight to the page I want have open and it doesn't obstruct the text. I've been using them and so far so good; I'm really pleased with them. Here are some pictures:

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