Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My First Sewing Machine!

I went to my local Jo-Ann's and purchased lots of sewing notions during their 50% off sale. I also made the decision to pick-up my first sewing machine. I purchased a Singer 2932. The dealer inside Jo-Ann's offers 10 day money back guarantee, 90 day trade-up policy, and a free sewing lesson. I purchased the most basic of machines and at $100.00 seemed like a good initial investment. However, I've spent about 3 hours on the machine and as a noob I have found out the following the hard way:

1. The tension is very finicky and I have spent more time unjamming the machine then sewing.
2. The front-loading bobbin is a pain.
3. The self-threading needle option is useless and it's faster and easier to thread it myself.
4. At this rate, I will spend more time on my machine then sewing so I'm going to return it and try out a few other machines. I've killed one sweater and two spools of thread; not good.


  1. I know this is an old post, but you've obviously been sewing since this. Did you stick with this machine or find a different one?

  2. I did stick with this machine and it's still working pretty well. I don't like the 4 step button hole, so one day I hope to upgrade. If you are interested, I've shifted my blog to here:


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