Sunday, January 27, 2008


One area that I certainly need to cut back in is....make-up. I've had a love/hate relationship with make-up since I was about 12. I love that I can have a flawless finish that makes me look perfectly even-toned and matted. However, I know that its terrible for my skin and leading to my over-sized pores, splotchy complexion, and perpetuating my acne cycles. I always found it ironic that I was wearing "the natural look" when putting on my make-up, but it is a painful cycle once you've begun. You start wearing make-up to feel grown-up, to look pretty, because that's what society teaches you is good (i.e., normal). The make-up makes your face break out, and now you have to wear it to cover-up the breakouts. It's a never ending cycle; and did I mention its a ridiculously expensive addiction? I've begun wearing less make-up, but have been having a hard time transitioning to nothing at all. I'd like to wear eye make-up on the weekends and for special occasions, but I hate having to wear foundation. I usually purchase MAC make-up, which is as ridiculous as my budget would allow. However, a friend of mine recommended something new, E.L.F (or eyes, lips, face). They have super cheap make-up, so I dove in and ordered about 30 different pieces of make-up (and it only cost me $30.00)! Included in this make-up binge is a knock-off version of the bare minerals. I've heard that it can really cover imperfections and clear your face over time. My best friend and I tried wearing it today and we quickly made some observations: 1. It feels totally weird; like having nothing on at all. 2. The coverage is not the same as traditional make-up, so your blemishes or discolorations do still show 3. It doesn't transfer (so your S.O.'s clothes won't be tan) 4. we got lots of compliments and were told that we looked radiant, and glowing. I'm going to continue to give it a shot. I really like the idea of wearing less make-up and regaining my choice to paint my face or not, and still look good.

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