Thursday, August 14, 2008

Garden Update

So, as you all know this year I decided to grow my own veggies. I planted some in containers and some directly into the ground. I have had mixed success... My zucchini, which I did a direct sow, into my herb garden is doing very well. I have harvested 3 small zucchini and am looking forward to the next one. My container garden is not fairing as well. Many of my plants were crowded and not getting enough water. My two suggestions are: self-watering containers (I saw them at my garden center) and thinning out the plants. I think next year I'll try transplanting the seedlings to the ground and keeping some in the container and see how that works. I pulled my eggplant plants out of the container and put them in my herb garden in hopes that they might develop more. I haven't harvested a single tomato, but luckily my friend is sharing hers (and her cucumbers) with me. I promise to hand over my next tasty zucchini. The herbs continue to do well in the containers, although I have never succesfully grown and harvested cilantro (which is a shame, because its the herb I use most in summer). My flowers, trees, and shrubs are all doing fabulous, so I'm including pictures of those here as well. Happy weeding!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Readymade Contest : The Macgyver Challenge : Prescription Bottles

MacGyver Challenge: Prescription Bottles

{Deadline: September 22, 2008}by Anthony Discenza

Increasingly, stealing a peak into the average American’s medicine cabinet reveals a rainbow galaxy of brightly colored pills nestled in little orange bottles. You name it, we’re taking it, most likely three times a day, before meals. That’s a whole lot of little receptacles piling up, and we’re always on the lookout for unnecessarily disposable objects, especially plastic ones. So while we cannot provide a cure for your high blood pressure, restore your memory, or whisk away your excess cholesterol, we can provide some incentives for you to call upon such non-prescription substances as a little elbow grease and gray matter. Come up with your prescription for the re-use of pill bottles, and the most creative Rx will be featured in the pages of the magazine, winning you eternal glory and a ReadyMade T-shirt, if not a remedy for your acid reflux.
Send photos or projects to ReadyMade, 817 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94710, or

Chronicling my adventures in proving that less is more. I'll learn to refashion/recycle clothes, prepare gourmet meals using as many natural/basic/raw ingredients as possible. I'll learn to spend less, live more, and reclaim those things that are truly valuable in my life.


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