Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Olive Oil Expriement

For most of my life I have had sensitive skin with dry itchy patches combined with oil slicks; not pleasant. I've spent lots, and lots, and lots of money on everything from grocery store products to some seriously high end stuff to even my tone, soften, dry, heal, clear, you get the picture. About 2 months ago I switched to Method's olive oil soap after they sent me a sample of their Olive Leaf body bar. It's great, my skin is soft, smooth clear, and not oily. I recall in some Roman/Greek history class that I took as an undergrad that in ancient times people actually washed with olive oil. They simply rubbed down their bodies and then scraped it off. I often wondered how they dealt with acne back then without today's lovely chemicals. I have noted in my life that the girls I've met with the best skin are rarely the same girls who use hundreds or even thousands of dollar worth of products on their bodies each year. In fact, my husband has irritatingly perfect skin and he barely even washes! So, I go a crazy idea, I mean really crazy. What if I used olive oil on my face? Would it stop my face from being so oily, or would it make it worse. So, I read around on the internet to see if anyone else had tried anything so crazy. What I was surprised to find is that lots of people have taken this leap of faith long before I had even thought of it. I'll post links to some of their stories below. So, I've decided that for the next two months (I recall my dermatologist saying that it takes 6-8 weeks for a pimple to form) that I'll try using the olive oil on my face. This could go really well, or it could end badly. But after my recent breakout which has left me reconsidering harsh chemical acne treatments again I figured what the hell, how much worse can it really get. Hey, it might even work out. So here we go, I'm diving in. I'm scared as hell, but I'll let you know how it goes. My method of attack:

Run olive oil into pores with a gentle massage. Use warm water on a washcloth to steam my face. Wipe off oil with the washcloth and toss a little cool water to close my pores.

Here are some links to stories of other girls taking the plunge:
Healthy Living


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