Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Global Economic Crunch and My Dog - Pet Product Review - Halo

My concern with the slow down of the global economy centers around the fact that as profit margins shrink companies may seek ways to increase profits by using shoddy ingredients to fool regulators and end up harming consumers. China's recent melamine controversy that sickened and killed children through tainted milk and pets through tainted food immediately comes to mind. As a result, I am now buying only food products that come from food sources that I trust (U.S.A., Canada, etc). I realize that this can seem small-minded, but I just can't imagine taking any chances with my loved ones (yes, this includes my dog). Maybe these dangers exist with local producers as well, but it certainly seems less scary, and until someone proves me wrong that's my game plan. That being said, while at my local Petco this weekend I perused the natural, holistic, locally made dog food and found Halo Natural Pet Care products. I read the ingredients, perused the nutritional information and where the products were made. My dog, Max, has dry itchy skin and buying healthy food with fish oil in it seems easier than purchasing the supplements and putting them in his food separately. I chose the Wild Salmon Spot's Stew. It seems healthy, my dog loves it, and I'm supporting our economy; this is a small change that I can make and feel good about. He's been eating this new food for about a week now and seem quite contented. Hopefully I'm making the right choice for everyone.

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