Sunday, March 23, 2008


My fiancee sent me two great recycling resources this week. The first is
Their tagline is "changing the world one gift at a time". Membership is free and you can join large network of groups seeking to give or receive previously used items. It is a list that functions similarly to the free section of craigslist, but is moderated. There is no trading however, only gift giving. If you have something that you no longer need or want, simply list the items as available. It is organized and moderated by location and the person interested in your item is expected to do the pick-up. The biggest difererence between freecycle and craigslist appears to be that you must arrange for pick-up by the reciever, no leaving items on the porch or curb.
The next website is Here you can trade books, dvds, and music for only the cost of postage. I've long been a fan of, which is very nearly free for many books, but this is the first website allowing you to trade nationwide at no cost and with no commissions.

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