Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh No! What's left?

I just read a Discovery News article about how Lobsters and Crabs feel pain...I'm so depressed. I love seafood and thought that I was being a good human being by helping the environment and living a pescatarian diet. Then I go and read this: crustaceans possess "high cognitive ability and sentience." I watched Alton Brown tell me that they had the same nervous system and intelligence as a cock roach, and who would feel bad about eating them...if they weren't so icky. I'm a good Southern Maryland girl who loves her crustaceans and can't envision a summer without some tasty Maryland crabs. I've often wondered about the little noises I hear emmanating from the pot that sounded a little like tiny, crabby screams. I shudder just thinking back on how awful the experience of being tempted with a tasty chicken leg, rammed into a crate with a bushel of your enemies trying to rip your legs off, then dusted with pepper and salt, and tossed into boiling water. I can't promise to give them totally up just yet, but I'll try to eat fewer and be quicker about their dispatch. If I find out that my chocolate can feel pain I'm giving up on all of this and going straight back to raw cow.

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  1. You need to add a reaction field called horrified! How can I ever eat a steamed crab again? I've really worked hard at ignoring the crab issue 'cause I love them so much ... like in my tummy kind of love, not I don't want to hurt you when I steam you alive kind of love! Oh gads. Can you find something to post that negates this article please? Becky


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