Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I'm very concerned about growing a bountiful harvest of veggies and conserving water at the same time this season. My seedlings are doing well and I'll be preparing to plant in the next week or so, so I've been reviwing multiple container types. Raised beds, planters, feed troughs and many other options exist that are pretty and will grace my front yard, but they do waste a lot of water and aren't ideal for vegetables. Herbs will do wonderfully in these, but tomatoes suck up a lot of H2O and that is both expensive and wasteful. I encountered a very interesting article on something called the EarthTainer. This was developed by Ray Newstead as a self-watering vegetable container that can be made by anyone using his free designs and purchasing inexpensive items from big box stores. Gary Ibsen's Tomato Fest covered a great story on Ray's planters and includes a link to the plans and videos on installation. I'll be purchasing enough to make several of these to put in my unused and full-sun driveway space so that I can put my little seedlings out so that I can begin to literally enjoy the fruits of my labor as soon as possible.

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