Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Organic Raw Kombucha Experiment

My friend invited me to join her at Whole Foods at lunch today. While walking down the aisles checking out the latest tasty products I ran into something that looked really interesting...Organic Raw Kombucha. It's a fermented tea that is cultured for 30 days with probiotics and vareity of other good for you things, like algae. We chuckled, broke out the Stevia powder and prepped. I shook mine, which by the way, don't do. Its naturally effervescent and so overflows (just like when some jerk bangs their beer bottle on top of yours at a party). I took the first swig and discovered that it tastes exactly like you would imagine the vinegar and food color combination I use each year when my daughter and I color our Easter eggs. I decided to try the Stevia, but its fermented and the natural bubbles were even more excited by the Stevia and it began to bubble over again. It tasted a little better, but its sharp acidic taste will definately require some adjustment. I sure hope that this is good for me, because it sure does taste healthy....

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